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Cat Bathroom Décor

March 17, 2016
cat bathroom decor | cat bathroom decoration

Cats and bathrooms have been on my mind recently and I’m not exactly sure why.  Maybe because I’ve found lots of free time now, and more specifically because I recently just saw an adorable ad for a cat shower curtain.

Truth: that’s what actually gave me the idea to write about cat bathroom decor.  There’s so many ways to decorate and design a bathroom, but how cute and happy would you feel if you got ready each morning in an everything-cat atmosphere?  In any case, I’d be purretty pleased! 😉 

Moreover, for me (what about you?) sometimes it’s the simple things that bring a quirky smile to my face.  Writing about cats, for example, no matter if it’s about mundane things such as bathroom items (I’m far from the materialistic type), helps remind me of the smaller, simple things in life that ultimately amounts to much more.  cat bathroom decor

I wouldn’t exactly say it brings me happiness instantaneously like the flip of a switch, but there is a sense of peace and enjoyment from reflecting on my love/passion/craziness for cats – and everything (even bathroom items) that are related to them.

Maybe it’s due to the fact I grew up with cats? Fell in love at a young age and the rest is history? Or perhaps it’s because I like to think that I identify with the nature of a cat; independent but caring, soft-centered but outspoken, stubborn but adaptable.  Like a cat, I will seek your attention but the second I don’t like the way you touch my tummy I will start bunny-kicking the sh*t out of you with all four paws and claws.  That last one may be a bit of an exaggerated analogy but you get the gist..

What all of that meant to say is, I don’t care about having “things.” But the things I do have bring me joy in that they (stuff I own) most likely have an emotional attachment to a place I’ve been, a good memory, a person, a pet, a gift, etc.

So there! An explanation for why I’m writing about cat bathroom decor, because cats. I love cats. <3

And here! Are some cool cat-themed bathroom items you should consider decking out your bathroom with. 🙂 Enjoy!

Sophisticat Shower Curtain

See my details on Amazon

A lovely and simple black/white shower curtain that will surely add a hint of “meow” to your bathroom decor.  It’s got some great customer reviews worth checking out! Product features 100% polyester fiber fabric and is 72″ x 72″ which will be suitable for nearly any shower/tub design.  There are many more cute designs to search through on Amazon, but I found this one to have the most positive reviews and to be the simplest in terms of finding additional products to match!


Don’t forget to add your Paw Shower Curtain Hooks!


Cat Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Check meowt on Amazon!

One of my favorite bathroom items to get creative with is the soap dispenser – again not sure why. There are just so many different ways you can add a touch of design to your bathroom thanks to the simple touch of a cute soap dispenser.  So, of course I had to add this beautiful ceramic 9″ tall white cat soap dispenser to this list of cat bathroom decor.

It will be the purrfect addition to the “Sophisticat” shower curtain!

Cat Wall Décor

No bathroom is complete without some cute cat wall decor (<<< more options in my other post!)

Though you can find additional examples of cat wall decor in my post (link above), this one I’ve taken specifically for bathroom comedy.

Wooden “Please keep the toilet seat down…” Sign 

Do I need to say more? Okay. 🙂

  • Made in USA
  • Great quality for a great price!
  • 5″ x 10″ and 1/4″ thick
  • Bathroom comedy guaranteed
  • Cute, simple, affordable

Cat bathroom towels

With all this black and white cat paraphernalia, it may  be a good idea to add a splash of color – but no worries! You can still remain faithful to that black/white cat theme you’ve got going on with these adorable plush cat towels!

The cat tail even turns out to be the towel hanger which is so useful for bathrooms that don’t have lots of towel space!

White Cat Toilet Brush Holder

Read my reviews!

Every bathroom needs a toilet brush and thus a toilet brush holder.  This ceramic white cat does the purrfect job at hiding an unsightly bathroom tool and turning it into something cute and decorative.  There is also the option online to get a black cat toilet brush holder, but the design is more cartoon-like, but nonetheless cute!

This product also includes a 13″ toilet brush.  It’s like getting two for one!

Final thoughts: Cat Bathroom Décor

Hey everyone! I’m hoping by now you have found at least one or two cat-themed bathroom items that you like, if not I’m hoping it at least helped brainstorm for more cat-themed ideas! My favorite online website to find ideas is Pinterest (whose isn’t, ha). Share some of your cat bathroom ideas with me!

Do you have your own decked-out cat bathroom or know someone who does?

Thanks for reading! Sharing is caring, so if you enjoyed this post or found it useful, send it along to a cat loving friend! See you next time 🙂

<3 Brittany

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