Cat Paraphernalia

Cat Paraphernalia: What It’s All About

November 23, 2015
Cat Paraphernalia - Bits of Bri

Cat paraphernalia is a term that only came around the past couple of years but I have a feeling it was a trend setter.  Crazy cat ladies started appearing all over the world and they are a population that is still skyrocketing in numbers.  Well as they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Am I so cat-crazy that I could write about cat stuff ? Well, yes.  As if owning a website that is all about cats wasn’t enough, I had to incorporate something about cats on this blog, too.  The funny thing is that on Fluffy Kitty we write about stuff for cats (i.e., cat scratching posts, furniture, helpful tips, reviews, etc.), but here on Bits of Bri I will be writing about cat stuff for us humans!  Whoa, that’s a tricky mind game.

Though being cat crazy is a pretty easy concept to grasp, let me just refresh your memory with this totally accurate description from Urban Dictionary:

Someone (stereotypically a girl) who is absolutely obsessed with cats. This person will generally spend more time with their cat than their actual friends( assuming they have any human friends). This person will also kiss other people’s cats (regardless the relationship with person, a cat-crazy individual has no problem kissing and holding cats of people they just met minutes before). A cat-lover enjoys those”lolcats “photos and often talks to cats, honestly believing that they can communicate with cats. A cat-lover also spends a large amount of time talking to others about cats, takes approximately 750 photos of their own cat every 3 weeks, and owns numerous amounts of cat related paraphernalia (i.e. cat sweaters, cat figurines, cat mugs, etc).

Yeahhhh. Guilty as charged Urban…

I may or may not have my own extensive amount of cat paraphernalia as well.  Cat sweater no, but shirt yes; cat figurine, I was about to say no I don’t own one but actually yes I do; it’s a cute little ring holder my sister got me from Jamaica; and no for the cat mug.  I live in Nepal, remember? You’re right, no excuses. Oh, but I do have Japanese cat bowls… does that count?  If only Etsy delivered to Nepal! …Do you hear me Etsy? ^^

Cat paraphernalia - Bits of Bri

“Paraphernalia” is not a term a lot of people coin these days.  For one it’s a mouth full, and spelling it in Google search is another.  But we all go the gist now of what exactly cat paraphernalia is, right? Honestly, you can’t go wrong with cat stuff.  Especially if you’re offering something cat related as a gift.

Funny story actually.  Last year for Christmas at least 90% of my presents from were cat-related stuff, including: A handmade pillow from Paul’s grandmother who stitched a representation of Yoda poking his head around a corner, his name, her signature, and a cute little French phrase that said, “Repose poils autorisé ici” which means something around “Resting fur allowed here”. There was also a fur-remover in the shape of a gray cat with green eyes, like Yoda; and dish towels and clothes with different designs of cats and “l’histoire des chats” written around the edges.

And trust me, I was ecstatic with each gift.  So offer a cat-loving friend or family member something cat-related and you will not disappoint. Tis the Season to be cat crazy meow meow meow meow meow mew mew mew mew!

“Blonde is better” used to be the new black, but bring on the “Cat-crazy is better” era.



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