Misadventure in Minca, Colombia | Casa Loma Review | Bits of Bri

A Misadventure in Minca, Colombia + Casa Loma Review

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Guide to Palomino, Colombia | Bits of Bri

Guide to Palomino, Colombia: The Caribbean Hipster Town

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Punta Gallinas the Northern Most Tip of South America | Bits of Bri

The Northern Most Point of South America: Punta Gallinas

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Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia | Bits of Bri

Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia

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French Food | Recipes

The French Apéritif: Recipes & More!

By on March 7, 2016
Aperitif - Apero - Amuses Bouches - Appetizer - French Recipes - French Appetizers - Bits of Bri

Appetizers in France aren’t exactly your plate of spinach & artichoke dip or chicken wings.  Appetizers translates more or less to Apéritif which describes a whole other phenomena of pre-meal eating. Apéritif in France actually refers to an alcoholic drink that you serve before a meal.  But the word itself translates more to the convivial moment […]

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Travel Tips

Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling

By on February 29, 2016
Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling - Bits of Bri

No matter where we go or what we do during our travels, we always have to figure out what’s the best way to carry money while traveling, right? How you’ll do it depends entirely on your travel style and destination. But regardless, there are some pretty cool tips you can follow to ensure you are […]

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Nepalese Cuisine | Recipes

Nepali Vegetable Pakauda…

By on February 18, 2016
Nepali Vegetable Pakauda - Bits of Bri

…Is basically my most favorite fried snack here in Nepal!! I absolutely LOVE vegetable pakauda and I think you definitely would too!  So I’ve found a classic nepali vegetable pakauda recipe (you may know them as Indian pakoras..) that is both easy and fun to make.  Hope you enjoy!  If you have any leftovers feel free […]

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Travel Accessories

Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights

By on February 11, 2016
Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights - Bits of Bri

Traveling is amazing, at least it is like 98% of the time.  Long flights definitely fall under the remaining 2% that make up traveling, you know, the not-so-fun bits of traveling that everyone must endure in order to reap the rewards of traveling.  Travel, travel, travel. Whether you’re a novice or a an experienced traveler, […]

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Cat Paraphernalia

Valentine Gifts for Cat-lovers

By on February 8, 2016
valentine gifts for cat-lovers

It’s approaching fast whether you like it or not, Valentine’s Day is upon us.  Around this time of year the lovers -and haters- of Valentine’s Day show their content -or discontent- with funny memes, cute date ideas, love-inspired stories, and Valentine “paraphernalia” (i.e., chocolates, teddy bears, roses..). These gifts are what you’d call “typical” Valentine […]

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Travel Tips

Packing Tips for Overseas Travel

By on January 25, 2016
Packing tips for overseas travel - Bits of Bri

Packing properly for overseas travel doesn’t come naturally, at least not to most of us.  I’ve had my fair share of packing for overseas travel so all these packing tips below are the result from learned mistakes from all of my countless packing fails.  How and what to pack for your overseas trip isn’t obvious, either.  But […]

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Nepalese Cuisine | Recipes

Aloo Paratha: Potato-stuffed Indian Flatbread

By on January 17, 2016
Aloo Paratha: Potato-stuffed Indian Flatbread - Bits of Bri

I have never eaten paratha before.  Well, until last week that is.  I’ve often seen it in the frozen section in the local Bhatbhateni store but never thought to give it a try.  Then one sunny day at work for lunch we were served fresh, handmade potato parathas.  Then I searched and searched and couldn’t find the […]

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